Orkney International Science Festival

In September 2014 we were invited
to take part in the
Orkney International Science Festival.

We managed 7 workshops resulting in 200 solargraph cameras being made by children at schools, each one designed to take a 3 month image of the sun crossing the sky.

Here are: a few photos, an interview with radio Orkney and a really catchy song about the festival (to listen to whilst looking at the photos!)

Sing along by clicking here!

Rosa at Ring of Brogda

Installing a camera overlooking the school

Selfies with the 'I-Can' pinhole camera!

Camera obscura fun!

Making cameras at Dounby School

Rosa showing the effect of Photons!

Installing another camera (Westray I think!)

Louis at Skara Brae

The school toothbrushing lady

Rosa (obeying the school toothbrushing lady!)

Thanks to all the people we met, Amazing place!