Camera Obscura Kit


(+£3-50 p+p)

A must for every art and physics department
(or just to impress your friends!)

What is it?

The camera obscura (latin for 'darkened room') is the earliest optical device and goes back over 2500 years.
Originally images were projected through a small hole but from around 1500AD onwards, they began to use a lens.

What Does it do?

The kit will enable you to quickly install a semi permanent camera obscura, which will inspire wonder in: your students, your kids, or even your waiting room. You can create a unique space in your own home for contemplation or merely to impress your friends!

Dark Den Obscura
Glenfrome Primary School

How does it work?

By simply: blacking out a room, positioning the lens and hanging up the projection sheet (around 90cm away) you will create a large 1.8m x 1.6m inverted colour projection of the outside world, 2500 years after Aristotle first wrote: "Wow, that's cool!"

Double projection
Bristol Childrens Hospital


It will help you to teach; history, science, art, photography and optics and become the definitive contrast to modern digital imaging and projection.

What will I receive?

A projection lens,
A template for an experiment mount,
A 180cm x 160cm projection sheet,
Instructions on installation and use.
An emailed powerpoint presentation to support your teaching,

Please note - The sheet is a shower curtain and the 1 diopter lens is from a pair of reading glasses. As well as the instructions and Powerpoint the kit is designed to save you time chasing around for bits.

The obscura works best in a totally blacked out room so you will also require light proofing material (Corrugated cardboard or 'B+Q' black plastic rubble sacks!).

2500 years of optical wonder for £15.00!

Instructions on making the obscura yourself can be found on my
'How to do it' page
(but buying the kit has some nifty instructions, a powerpoint and saves chasing around for all the stuff
as well as enabling me to live in the Cayman Islands!!)

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