'Light-waves' Project - Port O'Bristol
A continuous exposure of the North Atlantic
from 22nd of November 2016 - 13th May 2017

Long pinhole exposures have been around for over ten years, in an age of digital, the battery free, indestructable nature of pinhole cameras opens up potential unseen images impossible with digital technology. I have a selection of images on my website including:

Clifton Suspension Bridge

SS Great Britain

St Mary Redcliffe
With several more here and a commissioned project lasting five years here.

A few years ago I positioned a can pinhole camera onto a 'banana boat' mounted on the stern of the vessel 'Dole Chile'.
For many months it exposed an image on a round trip in the Caribbean from Philidelphia - Colombia - Costa Rica.
Things move on and, for all I know, the camera is still there to this present day!
Which brings us to:

The Ship....

Installing the camera


Camera under crows nest

The Journey....

The camera

Dear Anton

Enclosed you will find the camera which travelled around the Atlantic ocean with Captain Andreas.

The fine vessel Tres Hombres left the port of Den Helder the 22nd day of November 2016 visiting and discharging and loading in the ports of:

Douarnenez (France),
Porto (Portugal),
Santa Cruz de la Palma, (Canaries), Bridgetown (Barbados),
Marie Galante (Guadeloupe),
Santa Maria (Colombia),
Boca Chica (Dominican Republic),
Horta Fayal (Azores),
Douarnenez (France),
Camaret sur Mer (France),

to arrive in Amsterdam for discharging the 13th day of May 2017,

Having carried a mixed cargo from foreign lands consisting of, but not limited to: Wine, Olive oil, Rum, Coffee, Cacao, Spices, Canned Tuna, Tea, Vinegar, Etcetera.

Also I enclose your book about walking and navigation which is a great read. Thank you very much,

Truly yours, Lorne Langalaan

The letter

The Images....


The North Atlantic
A continuous exposure from 22nd of November 2016 - 13th May 2017

Mould forming in the gelatine
of the emulsion

Rigging under the crows nest

Ship rocking towards the Sun

As with all things which have never been done before they take a bit of analysing but I think the above is a start!
The double arcs of the Sun show the direction of travel East and West when resting in port.

Porto in Portugal to Fowey in the UK.
A continuous exposure from 27th September to the 10th of October 2017

A shorter journey with the camera fixed to the main mast pointing backwards towards the stern mast which is visible in the centre of the image.
Great reflection on the water of the sun in the water as well as good definition of the sea - sky.
The sun also appears as 'aurora like' fuzzy patches as the ship constantly moves.
The large arcs were when the ship was aboput to embark and changed position for a few days.

The Wine....

Wine info and whatever else

Many more journeys will follow,

The journey continues

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